Humber Student Life

A consistent look, feel and experience for over twenty websites.

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Expanding on We Got You.

We were tasked with extending the new Student Life experience across its 20 subsites.


Creating the content map.

We conducted an audit to help identify and categorize the types of content found on all the subsites: news, events, landing pages, informational pages, and forms.

Establishing patterns.

A consistent presentation of information.

With the types of content identified, we began creating design patterns to accommodate the types of information that need be displayed across different browsers and devices.

Putting it all together.

Building a custom Drupal configuration.

We developed different shareable feature sets, that allowed each Student Life website to use only the features, designs, and content types that were relevant to them.

In addition to a consistent experience for students, we also ensured that internal staff also had a consistent editorial experience, which allowed some of them to help manage different websites much more easily.


Rinse and repeat.

By the end of 2015, we successfully rolled-out the first version of the Student Life experience to all 20 websites, and are currently in the process of rolling out this updated look-and-feel.