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Better for all.

We redesigned and redeveloped Humber Today for a better editorial and reading experience.

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One calendar.

A college-wide event system.

With different departments managing independent calendars, we took this redesign as a chance to integrate as much as we could into one.

The new website now automatically pulls events from across different Humber websites into its calendar and encourages anyone from the community to add their events to it (upon approval).

This has not only helped promote more college events but has helped take some of the workload off the editorial team from having to manually add events to the website.

Everything’s related.

A college-focused taxonomy.

Every article, event and media release on Humber Today is now attributed to a department, school (faculty), and program.

This has made it possible to contextually feature relevant content where they should be. It's also given us the ability to generate taxonomy-specific feeds and APIs for other Humber websites to use.

More media.

A richer article.

The updated article layout now allows for a variety of embeds from websites like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

It also allows for image galleries to be included on the article page.